Daily Prompt: Landscape

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?

    When I gaze out my window, in reality, i see trees. Trees surrounded my area. Trees are a living things that help create a good environment. THere are three parts in tree. I call the first part head. Its head is green. The second part is body. and its part is brown. THe last part is root. Te root part id deep down in the ground. The root helps the tree to stand still forever and more. Trees are actually good for the environment. It helps the world create a good air. So trees help the world to be fresh. So please stop cutting down trees. Trees are useful. Don not just easily cut them . Trees are like human. Trees are a living things as well as humans. Be nice to them. THey are a part of the world. Don’t kill them. THey last longer than us


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Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?


     I am a new blogger. Well… I do not actually want to be a blogger, but it is a part of my grade which I have to write a blog daily. There are many questions I wanted to ask. First of all, Why do you decide to be a blogger and what do you get from it? For me, I only get my grades and also to improve my writing skills. I do think that blogger is a hard job to do. You need to keep updating yourself with the recent news in order to be able to write those things and also to use your own knowledge. But being blogger is kinda interesting too. The most interesting kind of blogger is a makeup/fashion blogger. You get to share what you like by bogging. isn’t it interesting to do so? 

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Daily Prompt: Evasive Action

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

      There is no secret in the world, I believe so. Secrets are never secrets. No one can actually keep secrets as secrets. People say it is a secret but actually it is not. Secrets are created to inspire people to learn and know more. Secrets and what? What can you do when it is a secret? Will you keep it until you die? If you won’t then it is not a secret. People are deceived by the word secret. Secret are things that only fews people know and once secrets are revealed, they are no longer a secret. And what I am telling now is that there is no secret!!!!!!!!!!!
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Daily Prompt: The Glass

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

     The glass is half-full or half-empty? I f I were to choose between those two, I would choose the half-empty glass. Why did I decide to choose that? Well… in my country, we usually compare that glass to our brain. I don’t know if it is the same in your country. We believe that the emptier your glass (brain) is, the more you can get things into your brain. Glass is like an empty brain. Knowledge is the water that is filling the glass. If the glass is already full, no more knowledge can be filled into the glass. Empty glass and empty brain are the same. I would prefer to be an empty glass so I would be able to learn new things as always. Full-of-water glasses won’t be able to get water anymore. Image

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Daily Prompt: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World

How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?


     I don’t communicate differently online than in person. I try my best not to talk differently. Even though online talking doesn’t allow you to show your emotions, I use emoticons to express my feelings. Emoticons are like the face of mine when I want to express my very own feelings. And emoticons help. People can sometimes talk differently in person and online but I don’t. I make it the same. People can be so different online and in person but I am not. I believe that talking online and in person are basically the same. I trust in the power of words. Words are still words no matter they’re online or spoken by a person. Words cannot be changed after they’ve been spoken or written by someone. So before speaking or typing, think first. Do not just do it emotionally. There will surely be an effect of that action. Thinking is required.


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Daily Prompt: The Little Things

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.

    One of things I love but is often overlooked is My Little Pony, the horses in many colors. Well, people may think that those are just dolls so why do you love and adore them so much. But in my point of view, they’re not just dolls. They are my fiends. I seriously talk to them and open my minds up to the when i feel stress. I don’t get answer back but at least I get to say something i wanted to. Dolls can be your friends. They are cute. They are adorable. But they are often overlooked by people. isn’t good to have something beside you when you feel stressed? Well, i love you my little pony. 😀

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Daily Prompt: Mad Libs

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.


   I’ve found this topic on Facebook. And i think it is very interesting to write about. Before going further, I would like to say that I have to offense to these people.

Well, This topic is basically about how Koreans like about Thais. Koreans think that there’s no car and Thais ride elephants. Seriously, we do not do that. Well, Thais used to do that in the past. Like 100 years ago. But now our country has been developed. Well, I understand that the Thai movie they ride elephants. But please do not just simply day it without knowing anything that is really true. Please come visit Thailand first before saying things that’s bad. Thailand is a good country. Its nice. There are lots of places to visit. Come to Thailand, we have cars. Please visit. Hope to see you guys soon.Image

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