Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Early bird, or night owl?


    Finally, It is my time to shine… I believe that me myself is an early bird? Why?  I can do things better in the morning. It is because I just got up from the bed and feel really fresh to do things. If it is in the night time, I feel tired, sleepy and exhausted and in those night times, I prefer to sleep more. In morning, my mind is still fresh. And my brain is ready to open up to the new things coming to my brain. I have a strong belief that people can do things better when their brains are fresh. And what I belief is really true. Like an early bird in the morning, it wakes up in the morning, so its own duty and task. Then at night it goes to sleep. Humans are supposed to be like that to. If not, then why God created and separated day from night and chose the night time to be the sleeping time for every living creatures. I shine like as early bird from the early morning. I have my own time and you got yours. So do not complain. Image



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