Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

      On the walls of my home, I chose to display a family pictures. Why? I want to feel like whenever I’m home, I’m warm. Those picture of my family creates a feeling of the warmth in the house. I grew up and was raised by my parents. They love taking picture of me and my younger sister to see how fast and how beautiful I’ve grown up. Whenever I enter my home, I feel like it is a place I cannot live without. And it is. I find it hard to sleep when I’m not at home. I can really feel the difference between home and a place where it is not my home. I love being at home even though it is sometimes boring. But I prefer to be home rather than going out to sleep where I am not familiar with. I find it comfortable to be home. I love being home. Home is just my everything. I love and adore and cherish every single moment I spend at home. They are really precious to me. Thank you home for being a super duper sweethome to me.Image

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