unexpectedly happened event…

There are a lot of things that happened to me during this week. I remember that last friday I just departed from Thailand to China. I stayed there for 4 nights and 5 days. At first I really didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to miss the quiz, homework and classwork. But since my mom asked me and my sister to go with her, and my sister rejected to go, I have to go. My sister and my father stayed at home. During my stay in China, I often have a text time with my sister. I would ask her if she has anything to eat because both my sister and my father can’t really cook. My sister and my dad had to go outside for dinner or my dad would buy some food from a restaurant and make sure that they both don’t miss a meal. While I was in Shanghai, China, I felt so relaxed. But still I brought all the papers that needed to be done with me and also a classic book that I have to finish. While I was on the bus, I would bring up the classic book and read it while listening to music too. I went to Puthosan, a small island in China. There are a lot of temples on the island. I actually visited there many times and I can see the development that occurs during the time I didn’t go. Back then, the hotel was just like a small and old building. The room was just like a room with a bed and no decorations in it. But this time, I can see a lot of changes. The hotel building is a tall and well-decorated building like those famous hotel in the city. I felt that my time there was short, the time flied. On Wednesday, I visit the highlight places  in Shanghai, like the market and the Oriental Pearl Tower. And in the evening, I headed to the airport. The plane departed China around 8:30 PM and I arrived at the Suvanaphum airport around 1:00 AM. It took around 30 minutes to go through the process and wait for my luggage. I got back home exactly at 2:30 AM. I didn’t even wash my hair, I just took a shower then laid on my bed and my eyes were so heavy that I slept so easily. And at 6:00 AM I have to wake up because I have to go to school but luckily this day is a fundraising day for all the grade 11 students. I arrived at school a little bit late. When I arrived there, I saw my classmates setting up a table. My class decided to sell french fries, nuggets, and fried egg on rice. We prepared a large 2 packs of nuggets and french fries, 120 eggs, and a big pot of rice. We never expected to sell them all. Surprisingly, we sold all the nuggets and french fries during the break time in the morning. So one of the boys in my class went to BIG C Supermarket to buy more of nuggets and french fries. From this fundraising day, our class made 6,000 baht profit. It really worth working hard.

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