Monday of this week was a school holiday, due to the festival we had on Sunday. So I only have 4 days left to go. Most of the teachers are gone for the pathfinder camp with the younger grades so the homework I have for this week is something doable. Nothing much really happens. Tomorrow is Friday !! Yayyy!! And tomorrow midnight, my mom and I will be leaving Thailand, heading to China. I didn’t actually want to go because I didn’t want to catch up with the studies and all the homework. But since my sister and my dad aren’t going because of their own reason, I decided to accompany my mom. I’ll be back at Tuesday midnight. And I’m planning to go to school the next Wednesday morning. It’s honing to be so tired but still I dot want to miss more school day! The main reason of going is just to visit the temple. By my own belief, I really believe in the power of the temple in China. So while I’m not around, don’t miss me too much :p hahaha see you real soon 🙂

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