I am recently in love with the colorful colors of the nails. When I was younger than this, I have no interest in nail polishing. But now I really love to see the vivid colors and different patterns on the nails. I start to paint my nails only around a year ago. At first, I couldn’t do it so well but now in quite okay. I would like to paint my nails every week but my nails are so weak. So I would normally paint my nails once in two weeks. I think seeing those colors on the nails is a enjoyable thing to watch. Especially the nails with a cute patterns like cupcake and ice cream. I think nail polishing is like the art of painting. It really takes time to paint a pattern on the nails. But the result is worth working on it. I’ve seen the diamonds on the nails with the sparkling glitter. Those nails were just fantastic in my eyes. I really enjoy seeing.

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